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Who We Are

Our mission is to help homeless and low-income families achieve sustainable independence.

Family Promise of Albuquerque is a non-profit organization that assists families who are at risk for homelessness, currently experiencing homelessness or recently exiting homelessness.  The core of our program is our shelter, where we strive to help as many families with children as possible. No matter how families define their household, where children are concerned, we are here to help.

Family Promise of Albuquerque is also a community that wraps its arms around the families we serve to provide them with a network of support throughout their journey.  This community is made up  of over 700 volunteers from 21 different faith communities in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho area.    Prior to COVID-19 we also utilized the space in 18 congregations of these faith communities to provide  overnight shelter, with families rotating between congregations on a weekly basis.  During COVID we have been utilizing a static site at one of the congregations and will be purchasing our own static site/ day center building in late February 2021.  

Family Promise of Albuquerque believes that each individual from each family that utilizes our services has within them all that they need to be successful.  Sometimes, for whatever reason, the individuals we serve lose sight of those abilities.   Our staff works with each family individually and collaboratively to help them rediscover those strengths and abilities.   While providing wrap around services to help families address and overcome barriers to employment and housing, our staff empowers families to begin their journey to achieving sustainable independence.                       

We are currently awaiting renovation to our full-time home, where we will have the opportunity to assist even more families than ever before.  On February 17, 2021 Family Promise of Albuquerque purchased our new home which will be utilized as our static site shelter and our day center. 

We have been operating our day center out of the new building by and we will begin renovations to the building to bring it into code for a shelter and will begin operating the shelter out of the new location sometime in 2023. 

​Family Promise of Albuquerque works exclusively with families with children who are at risk of, experiencing, or recently exited homelessness.  Our goal is to assist families in returning to or reaching self-sufficiency.

We put to use resources & referrals that focus on securing housing, gaining employment, continuing education, finding suitable childcare, addressing any barriers a family may have to gaining, maintaining or advancing in employment or housing.

We offer Case Management services to all of our clients.  In addition, we offer Enrichment Programs that will help families become independent & sustainable as a family unit.  These include life-skills and employability classes, referrals for family counseling, and long and short-term goal setting.   More than 94% of families that go through our program, graduate to continuous housing.

With the help of volunteers from 21 faith communities around the Albuquerque & Rio Rancho area, we were able to help over 550 individuals in 80 families in 2020.

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