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The Team

For general information, please call our main number at (505) 268-0331 or email us at


Laura Combs

Laura started her journey at Family Promise of Albuquerque as an MSW Intern in 2013. At that time she was also hired part-time as the Literacy and Job Center Coordinator. She moved into the Executive Director position in 2016.
She believes it is an honor to serve as Family Promise of Albuquerque's Executive Director. She learns daily from the families that Family Promise of Albuquerque serves. Her greatest joy at work comes from watching the families rediscover hope and build upon that to get back on their feet.
When she is not working, she loves to spend time with her two adult children and listening to all kinds of music.


Kaleen Kalama

Kaleen began her journey with Family Promise of Albuquerque in 2016 as a part-time employee. She left us for a short time and we are so glad she returned to us in 2020.
She has always had a knack for making what people say can't or won't happen to come to fruition. Whether it is an in-kind donation or finding a landlord that will rent to a guest with prior evictions, Kaleen has a knack for getting these things to happen.
When she is not working she enjoys watching movies, snowboarding, going on walks with her children, and trying new foods. Her adventurous spirit makes her the ideal person to come up with "out of the box" ideas.


Karel Hernandez-Reyes

Karel began his journey with Family Promise of Albuquerque in 2018. When we purchased our new van at the end of 2018 and were looking for someone to fill the van driver position we believed he was he best candidate.
Karel has an amazing attention to detail and enjoys driving the children to school and the adult guests to and from the shelter. During the Pandemic he has provided overnight hosting services to insure the safety of the guests at the static site.
When he is not working family comes first. He is a dedicated father and husband. You will also probably catch him playing a game of chess. He is definitely a strategic player on the team.


Tina Walters

Tina was part of one of the first guest families that Family Promise of Albuquerque served. She has worked very hard to keep her family stabilized. Tina has always been grateful to Family Promise of Albuquerque for the assistance she received.
When she heard that we needed overnight hosting assistance she jumped at the chance to apply even though she was working full-time at a local grocery store. She helps the families to see that with hard work they to can change the trajectory of their life. She encourages families with wisdom from her journey. Her fair perspective, that everyone is facing a battle that you know nothing about, so show them kindness helps our guest families to feel safe and nurtured.
When she is not working family comes first. You will most likely catch her babysitting her grandkids.

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